Monday, April 6, 2020



Health and Relaxation Centre „Grand SPA Lietuva", located in the Lithuanian spa-town Druskininkai, offers you a wide range of services under one roof: accommodation, treatment, health rehabilitation and relaxation, water entertainment, dining, conferences. Here you can find Modern treatment centre, Diagnostics and Odontology clinics, 4-star hotel ‘Druskininkai' and 3-star  hotel ‘Lietuva', Water park, Conference centre.   

Grand SPA Lietuva" Treatment centre is one of the largest and up-to-date treatment centres in Lithuania and the Baltic states offering treatment and wellness services. It is built right on the mineral water spring which enters the Treatment centre directly from the manhole, therefore only natural mineral water is being used for the procedures. The services provided in the Treatment centre comply with the ISO quality assurance standard. The visitors may choose 110 different services.

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