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DRUSKININKAI - the largest resort in Lithuania


Lithuania's premier spa and southernmost town, 130 km. southwest of Vilnius. Picturesquely set on both sides of the Nemunas river, it is surrounded by pine forests with numerous junipers in them, thus giving a wonderful fresh air. A small swift-flowing rivulet Ratnycia crosses the town, while in the centre there's Lake Druskonis,bvnicely decorating the surrounding area with its fountain and swans.

The town's name derives from 'druska', the Lithuanian word for 'salt'. The history of Druskininkai as a health resort began in 1794 when the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stanislaw August Poniatowski issued a decree assuring curative properties of local waters. In the first half of the 19th century professors of Vilnius University carried out research work on therapeutic values of local mineral springs. The first sanatorium received patients in 1838 and their number was growing with every year. Today Druskininkai has 20 thousand of inhabitants, 17 renovated or newly-built hotels and modern SPA centres. 

Calcium and sodium chloride mineral spring waters of different mineralization, containing more of magnesium and bromine, with chemical composition similar to the well-known European mineral waters, used for treatment, are found in the resort. Mineral spring waters are efficient in healing stomach, intestine, muscles, joints, spine, peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular, gynecological, skin as well as endocrine system diseases.

Mild climate and ionized air is another remedial factor of the resort. As huge pine forests, junipers, rivers and lakes surround Druskininkai, as well as absence of industry, the air is very clean here and abundant light ions are the fundamental evidence of clean air.

Health improvement in Druskininkai is a real source of energy and good mood.


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