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Lithuanian Holidays

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The SPA resorts on the seaside:



Palanga is the most famous resort and SPA town on the seaside. Its long white sand beaches, pine forests, clean and fresh air attract more than 3 million visitors each year. Extremely popular in summer when a lot of Lithuanians from whole Lithuania come to rest and enjoy three months of great summer weather. A wide variety of entertainments and remedial procedures, spa centres, attractions and activities will satisfy everyone's needs. 
Palanga is also known for its Amber Museum, where you can admire "Lithuanian Gold". Museum is situated in the middle of the park designed by French E.Andre.
Palanga is the capital of culture in Lithuania in 2013, so this year lots of cultural events will take place in the resort. 

Situated only 12 km from Palanga, Sventoji is an ideal place for those who are looking for silence and tranquility among the same white sand beaches and fragrant pine forests surround this town. If you want to spend you holiday in the beautiful surroundings and rest from the city noise, Sventoji is a great destination for you. 



SPA centers and sanatoriums provide treatments of balneotherapy from diseases of kidneys, urinary tract, respiratory tract, movement and metabolic disorders, nervous system disorders, digestive disorders, endocrine illness and gynecological diseases as well.  


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