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SPA Vilnius SANA 4*

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                                                      SPA Vilnius SANA 4* (Druskininkai) 

                                                          from 5 nights, from 18 years


Individual treatment package is specially chosen to match one's special needs and problems. Guests are consulted by doctor who prescribes and recommend relevant procedures and other treatment and health improvement methods.



Enjoying massage Studio room in SPA Vilnius SANA 4* Hotel The building of SPA Vilnius Sana in Druskininkai
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List I: Massages (30 min.): Classic massage; Relaxing back massage; Head, neck and shoulder; Hemolymphatic massage for arms. Other treatments: Seaweed bath and face mask (20 min.); Alguomer detoxifying bath (20 min.); Intestine douche with purgative enema (30 min.); Bio Detox Body Treatment (30 min.); Manual therapy (30 min.); Manual emotional correction (30 min.); Traditional acupuncture (30 min.); Acupuncture of Microsystems (30 min.); Body constitution measurement. Consultation of: gynecologist; dermatologist; reflex therapist; ear-nose-throat doctor; ear-nose-throat doctor consultation and audiogram; gastroenterologist; psychiatric; phytotherapist.

List II: deep relax and sleep room, recreation room with a view of the nature, relaxation tea

List III: Baths (15 min.): Carbonic acid bath; Mineral water -herbal bath ‘Resistance'; Mineral water -herbal bath ‘Strength'; Mineral water -tangerine bath; Mineral water-rosemary bath; Mineral water -pine bath; Mineral water-patchouli bath; Mineral water-melissa bath; Mineral water bath; Mineral water bath ‘Salty'; Mineral water bath ‘Vilnius'; Honey bath; Seaweed bath; Three-componential mud bath (20 min.); Mud application (20 min.); Mud bath for hands and feet (20 min.); Vertical bath (30 min.). Other treatments: Underwater massage (20 min.); Music therapy (35 min.); Individual kinesitherapy (30 min.); Curative micro-enema; Gynecologic irrigations (with mineral water); Paraffin application for limbs (15 min.). Tests: Total Trunk test (evaluation of back and waist muscle conditions; 30 min.); Electrocardiogram (ECG); Rectomanoscopy (RRS); phonophoresis (5-10 min.).

List IV: Other treatments: Amber-aroma therapy (60 min.); Halo chamber (30 min.); Nordic Walking (60 min.); Inhalations with mineral water (10 min.); Inhalations with mineral water and medicaments (10 min.); Oxygen therapy (20 min.). Physiotherapy: Short-wave therapy (5-10 min.); Ultrasonic Therapy (5 min.); Bioptron polarized light (10 min.); Bioptron polarized light with color therapy (10 min.); Paraffin application for hand or wrist (15 min.); Magneto therapy (20 min.); Lymphovision therapy (20 min.).

List V: Group kinesitherapy (30 min.); training hall (60 min.); Herbal tea brewed with mineral water; Morning exercise (20 min.)

List VI: swimming pool and sauna complex (90 min.): swimming pool with mineral water of average mineralization, Turkish bath, sauna, infrared sauna, reflector feet therapy of bioactive points, circular shower, cold water pool, whirlpool bath

List VII: drink of natural mineral water "Health' at the mineral water pump-room

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