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Vilnius, Lithuania


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How can we best describe the Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the most promising travel destination in Europe today, their rich history and present day life in so few lines?

How can we convey to you the grandeur of the 13th century Riga's Dome Cathedral, the medieval cobbled winding streets of Vilnius and Tallinn or the serene perfection of 60 metre high sand dunes on the Lithuanian Curonian Spit ?

Being the unwilling members of the Soviet Union for 50 years, the Baltic States burst on to the world scene in 1990 when they declared their independence. This brought a lot of changes and new opportunities into people's lives, incarnated in the new architecture, people's appearance , modern hotels with internet services, shopping centres, restaurants and new museums opening each year . This is a big part of the fascination of visiting the Baltic States, the new members of the European Union, ready for all the challenges of the 21st century.

The outside world considers  three Baltic countries on the Eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, as a single entity. But actually they are absolutely different in our languages, histories, architecture and traditions:

Estonians are reserved, pragmatic and efficient. Lithuanians are very diligent but rather emotional, so often called ' the Baltic Italians'. Latvians, closely linked with Germans throughout their historic development, inherited many of their traits. You'll be able to see these contrasts yourselves, while visiting the Baltic States. Add to this our unspoilt countryside just waiting for you to explore, numerous national parks in all three Baltic States, hundreds of lakes, storks nesting, ancient manor houses, castles and palaces, old folklore traditions alive, a warm hospitality of the three nations and you'll understand.

Click on the flag to know more about the each Baltic country: 

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